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“Next page” problem

  • advinci


    I rewrote my problem to give all the information possible.

    The problem is that instead of the “Next page” link points to http://www.domain./blog/blog/page/2 and this gives a 404 error.

    – Environment: I have no idea.

    – MU version and install options. MU 2.6.5 with subdirectories

    – BP version: Not sure but I think the first beta.

    – bbpress version: Haven’t installed yet.

    – Browser: Not browser related

    – What theme are you talking about? Not theme related. Occurs on all user blogs

    – What have you done to investigate and narrow down the source of your problem? I checked all settings in the backend and upgraded WP mu. It was 2.5.3 before.

    The problem is here: <?php posts_nav_link(‘   ‘, __(‘« Previous Page’), __(‘Next Page »’)); ?>

    – Give us a sample of the error message: It’s a 404 message

    – In some cases a link to your site would be helpful:

    The “Next page” link should be: instead it’s:

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  • This topic might get more attention if you post it in the WPMU forums as it isn’t a buddypress related issue.



    Well… Seems like they think it might be BuddyPress related.



    “Is there anyone else over there running buddypress on a subfolder install?

    the only thing I’ve ever seen mess with page navigation like that was a plugin.”

    There must be someone who is running subfolders on their buddypress that should be able to answer this one! Hopefully someone will chime in for you.

    I have the same problem. I have a subdirectory install and the same happens.

    No htaccess rewrite rules issue – I look at everything.

    One interetsing thing I found is that if I categorized posts and am browsing categories the previous next page works fine, it is only with the blog root pages that I get the 404 error with a “edit this” link on the page

    Best bet is create a ticket for this in with the login credentials from this forum so that Andy knows he is breaking something again ;)

    Done created a ticket



    I see the trac here:

    But what good does it do? I still have this problem. Users are complaining and some of them are leaving.

    Isn’t there really a fix for this?

    Burt Adsit


    @advinchi this is an open source, community effort. Join in and fix it. BP is also Beta software. You are running this on a production server?

    Burt Adsit


    @advinchi fix for this is in latest trunk

Viewing 9 replies - 1 through 9 (of 9 total)
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