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Ning Importer Not Working — Not displaying Member profile data correctly

  • kevenson


    I’m importing a Ning site with about 800 users/members. I have a number of custom (about 20) profile fields and photos that members have uploaded to their profiles. Additionally, some of the members have added their own content. The problem is, however, that the importer is acting like it works…the data appears to be in the BuddyPress system but it does not reflect on the following:

    1) BuddyPress members are able to login, but they can’t access any content that is marked “private” through the “private community” plug-in. The error that they receive is that they must login to view the content, but they already ARE logged in.

    2) None of the user/members custom profile fields, photos (e.g. profile photos) or user/member content displays.

    I will happily pay someone (e.g. someone who is a BuddyPress programmer who understands the bugs I’m referencing) to troubleshoot this…please get in touch with me. Thanks!

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