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No access to "Docs" by default

  • gkhillboro


    Hi, thanks in advance for any help. I have searched the forums for this topic…but with 16,200+ posts, sorry if I have missed it!

    We are creating a network where there are will be a small group of partners/senior members, and a larger group of general members.

    I have created the “Group” for these partners and set some members as part of this group.

    At the moment though, when someone signs up to the site, their profile automatically has the tab “Docs”. we do not want general members to have access to any document facility; they don’t need it. Only Partners will need document facility.

    So my question is: How to restrict access to Docs by default? “Docs” tab will only be shown once the member has been made a Partner by the admins.

    Thank you for your help BP community!

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