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No BuddyPress pages work

  • modbunker



    I having a difficult problem trying to get Buddypress to work.

    None of the links/pages work. When I go to the top toolbar and select Profile > View for example, it brings me to a blank page with the title bar of “Members” and shows my member name. When I click it just redirects me to the same page.

    Also how do you get that toolbar for non admins ect? Ive made a dummy account but that wordpress toolbar at the top doesnt show up so I cant even access my account profile unless I post in the forums and click on my own name but then the same problem above happens.

    Ive tried deleting Buddypress and re installing to no avail.

    Im using WordPress 3.8 now and Buddypress 1.9. Any help would be greatly appreciated. I also dont really know how to write code or look into php files ect, so please try to dumb it down for me thank you.

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  • Is this a clean install i.e are you testing with just WP & BP no additional plugins and using a theme that is known to work e.g twentythirteen/fourteen, are your permalink settings set to anything other than default, they must be set to day/month or similar options not ?p=123



    Hi thank you for replying,

    No I have other plugins as well mostly BBPress,WooCommerce, and a couple of slider plugins,also WordPress SEO.

    Its a premium theme and has support for BBPress but not buddypress hes working on it now.

    I believe my permalinks are not default.
    My structure is set at: /%category%/%postname%/
    My base is set to: /shop/%product_cat%

    I believe when I installed the theme the instructions were to change them to that so the permalinks would look good.

    Point about asking about themes is that you must test with a known good theme to establish if this is a theme related issue, as far as premium themes go we can offer little support for them, and some will simply not work with BP due to their coding practises.



    Production site – using Atahualpa 3.7.12 and WP 3.7, various plugins including bbpress, bp sidebar/template.

    Updated to 1.9, all BP pages fail.
    Activity shows text, no links, no Avatars.
    Members shows text for user, no other members, no links, no profile info.
    Register page fails.

    A live site – I will not swap to a ‘default theme’ like Twentythirteen. I have simply Deactivated BP until the problem is resolved.

    Re issues related to themes and plugins, only BP knows in detail what the changes were and which of those changes were likely to manifest these symptoms.

    @steeleweed Please do not hijack other peoples threads, you should start your own topic on the issues relevant to your site, the OP issues are not necessarily identical to your own and two treads can’t be run in one topic.

    As we don’t really know what the issue is or have steps to reproduce then the fix awaited might be a long time coming, it is up to users to try and investigate issues many of which are often theme related. I suggest you set up a local test site on your own machine to test updates before rolling out to a production server.

    Sadly no the developers do not know how changes made may affect custom themes especially premium themes which often are badly coded and don’t follow WP coding practices.



    ok thank you. Ill keep playing with it and deactivating plugins ect. Jetpack has given issues with my theme before so ill see if that fixes it, or ill just wait till my theme dev rolls out the Buddypress support and see if the problems still exist.

    When I go to the Members pages ect there is nothing on the page are there supposed to be short codes there to display the correct information when someone goes to that page?

    Thank you again



    are you using a BuddyPress theme?

    When I go to the Members pages ect there is nothing on the page are there supposed to be short codes there to display the correct information when someone goes to that page?

    NO nothing in the page.



    I switched to twenty14 theme and it seemed to be working ok so it must be a theme incompatibility. Ill update when my theme dev comes out with the update. Thank you all for helping

Viewing 9 replies - 1 through 9 (of 9 total)
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