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no ‘edit’ or ‘delete’ link for top most post in a forum topic

  • This is my first Buddypress site (first wordpress one actually) and I’m having a few problems that I’ve spent days trying to figure out with no success. Here’s one of them

    There is no ‘edit’ or ‘delete’ link for top-most post in a forum topic?
    Even when I set it to sort descending in bp-forums-templatetags.php, if there are only 2 posts in that topic, the most recent post cannot be deleted, but the topic’s original post CAN be deleted. Surely that’s the wrong way round – to give priority to the second post over the original main post that sets the tone for the topic, even if the sort is set to descending.

    In any case, how can I reinstate the edit and delete links for the top post?

    You can see the problem here:

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