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No Emails, SMTP & Gmail Suspension

  • LavishDhand



    While setting up a new BuddyPress website few days ago; I discovered that no activation emails were being sent to the registrants.

    So, I tried to set up SMTP using the WP-SMTP plugin which did not work. It kept saying authentication failed (I was trying to use my Gmail dot com mail).

    I ended up installing and setting up Gmail SMTP ( and it worked well.

    The problem is, Gmail has sent me an email saying. “Your Google Account has been suspended”. Here is how that email looks –

    Gmail SMTP

    I replied to this email but have not received any update so far, my email account is still functioning and emails from my BP site are still being sent.

    Can you guys kindly suggest me the best way to set up emails for a WordPress / BuddyPress website?

    Thank you

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Viewing 1 replies (of 1 total)
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