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  • Anonymous


    I just installed buddypress v102 but i’m struggling with a lot of things and i cant seem to find relevant documentation. My question is about extended profiles, which doesnt seem to be there. Even basic actions like uploading avatar does not appear in the profile page. Do i have to explicitly turn ext. prof. on and from where? There isnt anything relevant in the buddypress component setup. Thanks

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  • takuya


    We exactly had the same question asked before.

    You need to setup components from wp-admin’s buddypress menu on the left.

    Jeff Sayre



    To add additional profile fields, you need to navigate to the BuddyPress submenu grouping in WPMU’s backend. If BuddyPress is installed and activated, this submenu group is found at the very bottom of the menu column.

    So, go to

    BuddyPress > Profile Field Setup

    and set up the additional fields you want.

    By default, when you activate BuddyPress, all of its components are activated. To selectively disable a component, you go to

    BuddyPress > Component Setup


    Hi everybody

    Thank you for the replies. Unfortunately, as i mentioned, there isnt anything relevant in the buddypress submenu in wpmu.All i have is general settings, component setup and forums setup. And even in component setup, i dont have extended profiles, only activity streams, blog tracking, bbpress forums, friends, groups, private messaging. Why am i missing some of the fields you mention?I installed bp and wpmu 3 times already and its always the same.Are there some missing files or something?

    Edit: yeah i went through and somehow i have missing files and directories. weird..


Viewing 3 replies - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)
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