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No last_activity even though activities have been logged for members

  • Out of about 6000 members, we have around 1000 who have no entry with the type last_activity in the wp_bp_activity table.

    I think some will be simply members who have yet to log in, but it doesn’t seem to be all of them.

    For instance, if I search the data for members who have no last_activity but do have an entry with type updated_profile, I find over 700 members.

    As far as I can tell, the function bp_core_record_activity() is hooked to wp_head, and should be updating last_activity every 5 minutes.

    There being no last_activity definitely seems to be a bug of some kind. If I edit the Extended Profile in admin of a member with no last_activity, ‘Last active’ in the ‘Member’s stats’ box shows the current date/time. This seems to be because in \BP_Members_Admin::user_admin_stats_metabox(), the account is activated (so $last_active doesn’t get assigned the registration date), but bp_get_user_last_activity() returns nothing. So strtotime( $last_active ) returns the current date/time.

    Any ideas as to how this might have happened?

    I wondered about the ‘Repair member “last activity” data’ option under Tools > BuddyPress, but I ran this on my local installation and it doubled the number of members without last_activity, so I’m not sure what that’s about.

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