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No links to BP from WP work

  • Tore



    This is a continuation of this forum thread:

    Although nothing of what the people are talking about over there seems to apply to my case. So here is the description:

    Setup: latest WPMU, latest trunk of BP and my own theme. I’ve tested it without any plugins but there’s no change without them. I’m using a primary blog as a frontpage and BP can only be seen from a secondary blog.

    Problem: I’m using a theme which works fine locally. But when I upgraded to 1.1. on live website and added the theme nothing works with BP anymore. WP works okay but when going to any page “inside” BP nothing happens.

    This is also true when using the default theme.

    I can see the admin bar put when pressing My Account – Activity (or anything in the admin bar) I get put directly to primary blog (/root/).

    When going to I’ll land on a page in WP saying that there are no blogposts yet.

    If I’m using the default BP-theme there’s no change. Nothing works except that I can see the default theme as the secondary blog in the secondary blogs’ root. It only shows the latest activity from the primary blog and the navbar. If I click on the link to members or anything else – I’m put back at the primary blog (root).

    Any ideas?

    I’ve reinstalled BP a lot of times. I’m using trunk.

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  • Tore


    Oh, it seems it was only me that was the bug. :)

    I didn’t have the theme-files in the proper place. I still can’t find root/forums but I guess I’ve done something wrong there also.

    With Andy’s change in WP 2.9, regarding where the themes should be, I guess this will be an error of the past.

    I’ve marked this thread as resolved. Please change it back to ‘not resolved’ if you’ve still got this problem after you have moved the themes.



    Hah! I finally found what was wrong!

    It’s not possible to use a secondary blog as the “material/theme” for Buddypress. At least not for the forums. It has to be the primary blog (that has incorporated BP).

    Changing which blog that is this on bb-config.php doesn’t help.

    $bb->wordpress_mu_primary_blog_id = 2;

    Well, now I at least know why I had my problems.

Viewing 3 replies - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)
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