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No mail send after registration

  • Yzord


    Dear helpers,

    I had installed Buddypress on my WP 3.6 and everything is looking nice and cool. But all of a sudden i need to create a dummy user to see if everything is working. So i register a user, but i never get any email.

    So i downloaded a plugin called “Check Email” which sends an email to an address trough the WP mailsystem and guess what…that is working.

    How come i do not receive any email from the registerform of Buddypress? Without that i cant use Buddypress at all 🙁

    Hope to hear from you or others.

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  • bp-help


    Did you check for the activation email in your spam folder?

    Probably it’s just in the spam folder. The activation email quite often seems to be marked as spam, unfortunately.

    Mail server configuration can be tricky and I’d suggest you also contact your web host for support, as there may be other configuration changes that you or the host could make to improve the chances of the email being received correctly.

Viewing 2 replies - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)
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