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no other members bbpress in Activity feed

  • brettdarnesh



    I have searched and searched for a solution. I have an existing private bbpress forum up and running for subscribers using Memberpress. I have installed Buddypress hoping to use ‘mentions’ and the activity feed to try to make it more social and a little bit like facebook.

    I have tried all sorts of settings with using all the components and with partial. I only want the bbpress forum, Activity feed and notifications/mentions. I don’t want the friends feature, but have tried it with this component switched on. I have no friends obviously to start with but there are no members anywhere to request to at least test that. If this is needed to see the activity of others in the bbpress forum, I need to find a simple way so all members are friends as a default with no additional notifications or emails.

    Are their any issues with installing buddypress with an existing bbpress forum. In every integration tut, there seems to be an order of installing Buddypress first.

    Does having Memberpress protecting the bbpress forums affect buddypress so I only see my own activity in the bbpress forum?

    can I do away with groups, and just have a global bbpess forum?

    The more troubleshooting I do, the more solutions I rad the more I am getting confused.

    Some help would be greatly appreciated


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