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?No Sidebar on Profile Page?

  • vitlastovka


    Hi BP team,

    I dont have a sidebar on Profile page and dont know how to set it up. Im using Beaver Builder and BP probably using full width page. Is there a way how to asign sidebar to Profile page? It doesnt appear in my case at all.

    And second, is there a way how to have full width profile cover image and underneath profile content (blog posts in my case) with right sidebar.

    Thank you for help!


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  • danbp



    BuddyPress pages are not ordinary WordPress pages. These pages should be blank, without any template assigned. BP pages exist only for internal purpose and to have their own slug (and the benefit of permalinks). The content is always dynamic and change depending the context.

    That is also the reason why you shouldn’t use a “page builder” for them untill you’re very comfortable with code and design.

    If you need a full width output or a sidebar, you adjust that in your theme settings or preferences. You can easely do that with WP’s Customizer. Or course reading your theme documentation can also help.

    If it is not possible that way, i recommand you use a child-theme, and add him any necessary part you’re actually missing. But ensure first that these parts are really missing !

    BuddyPress comes with a few CSS rules who normally fit with any correctly coded theme. This means that it actually can be used with almost any existing theme.
    BuddyPress has no sidebar
    BuddyPress can be viewed on any existing device
    BuddyPress fit to any screen size
    This means that you have to adjust your theme first, and not BP.

    For more details, read from Codex

    BuddyPress Theme Development

Viewing 1 replies (of 1 total)
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