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No style in Buddypress why?

  • vincenz17



    I’m new to buddypress and would like to use it but I can’t get the default style of buddypress.
    If I enable the legacy style the overview is a little bit better but I want to use the “Nouveau” style.
    With this style all sites from Buddypress are broken.
    The developer tools says, that all files are loaded correctly. I disabled all plugins but the problem still exists. The same style is given if I enable the default twentytwentythree theme from WordPress… 🙁

    PHP 8.1
    WordPress 6.2.2
    BuddyPress 11.2.0
    Apache 2.4
    Ubuntu 20.04

    Here an example screenshot of the group overview (all sites looks like that):

    Has anyone an idea what is the problem here? I can’t find the problem.

    If you need more information please post it and I answer you quickly.

    Sorry for my bad english 😀

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  • vincenz17


    I found the problem.
    I use relative URLs because I need 3 domains for my website.
    In my wp-config.php I added this line. All plugins and wordpress itself are able to work with that, Buddypress is crashing 🙁

    define(‘WP_CONTENT_URL’ , ‘/wp-content’);

    Is there a way to use that with multiple domains?


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