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noob questions…new to buddypress

  • cpkid2


    I’m trying to learn how to customize BP but I feel I don’t understand the fundamentals that make BP what it is. Why are there two theme folders (bp-themes and themes) and do I need to edit files in both? How does this site place blog posts on the front page? Looking through the admin panel in widgets, I noticed there wasn’t a drag and drop function for “blog posts”.

    I’m familiar with customizing WordPress themes but Buddypress seems different. I would appreciate some guidance as I feel I’m missing something obvious.

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  • r-a-y


    “themes” is a themes folder for WordPress(MU); whereas “bp-themes” is a themes folder specific to BuddyPress components.

    To be more specific, “themes” styles the blogs; “bp-themes” styles the member profiles and groups.

    ReadWritePoem’s blog posts is from the main, primary blog… it’s a simple template loop from WordPress… nothing elaborate there. In fact, looking into it further, they do not have member blogs! So if you’re familiar with regular WordPress, you’ll know how they placed the blog posts on the front page.



    Thanks, Ray.

    So if I’d like to have a two-column site, would I be able to activate the default Kubrick theme and use it as the blog portion (front page) of my social network? I’d like to have my blog on the front page just like ReadWritePoem. Or would I need to use a theme made for Buddypress like the ‘home’ theme?

    Paul Gibbs


    You can use any WordPress theme for the home/blog theme, yes. You’d only need a customised or Buddypress-specific theme for the member pages.



    Thank you, DJPaul. I’m starting to get a clue lol. Just one question – Say I use “Kubrick” for my home/blog theme. How do I get a login/password field in the sidebar? I noticed it’s not one of the widgets. Do I have to grab the code from the admin bar on top and insert it manually into the sidebar?

Viewing 4 replies - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)
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