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  • abcde666


    I do have users at my website which are 50 years of age and older. some of them access the internet the first time of their life, so they really have no clue about e-mail, etc.

    The following happened recently:

    I have send a message via the website to a user. And the user replied to my mail, but not via the website. The user replied simply to the e-mail which he did receive by using his MS-Outlook mail-client, so he directly replied to the e-mail-address: “”

    And of course, I never received that mail.

    How to change my website and e-mail-settings, so that this is really fool-proof ?

    What is the best set-up to avoid issues like this ? Generally speaking, a mail-address like “” is not very user-friendly after all…….

    Why not change the “e-mail-addresses” within BP in a way that the user can reply directly to the received mail via his MS-Outlook-client (or Thunderbird or whatever) and the recipient will in fact receive that mail ? But still hiding the “e-mail-address”, so that the addy is still confidential ?

    Any thoughts about this ?



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  • abcde666


    anyone any idea / suggestions ?



    There’s a nice plugin for this.




    this is a usability-bug.

    I have posted the following TRAC-ticket:

    Please note:

    There are at least two “mail from” plug-ins. One does NOT work after BuddyPress has been activated. while the other one DOES.

    The one that does NOT work is called “wp-mailfrom.” It only works as long as BuddyPress is not active.

    The other one, called “mail from”, DOES work. It works even when BuddyPress is active.

    I agree that this is major issue in BuddyPress – people tend to reply to e-mail notifications instead of going back to the BuddyPress platform and posting a reply there.

    As far as I understand the Mail From plugin simply defines one overall sender address. You can enter the admin’s email address here, and he will get all the reply mails. But that’s not what you want – you want the reply beeing posted to the discussion thread in BuddyPress. 37signal’s Basecamp does this nicely. Is there a plugin capable of doing this?

Viewing 5 replies - 1 through 5 (of 5 total)
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