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Not all themes showing buddypress bar

  • New to the multisite & buddypress and trying to learn as we go. We have multisite & buddypress installed. I’m uploading many templates for our users to choose from. Some don’t show the buddypress bar. How do I make these templates work so that the buddypress bar is included?

    Thanks so much

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  • Any ideas on this? I searched here and tried the fix of putting in and that got the buddypress bar showing BUT then the regular footer of the theme wouldn’t show

    You’re not really supplying any information of any detail, helping out with custom themes or WP themes is slightly outside this sites focus really and is very difficult regardless without good info.

    I assume you meant to say you had ensured that wp footer hook was in each theme but why adding that should upset the themes original footer would be speculation other than to say that the theme sounds like it maybe breaks with WP conventions on template tags/hooks.

    Thanks – I had pasted in the code I used but it didn’t show up in here…. What I had found on the forum here from someone was using “ so I put that in and that made the buddypress bar show fine but the rest of the footer was gone.

    Sorry if my question is outside the focus of the boards – I’m new to this and I had seen a few other people ask about it and people offering a fix, so I assumed that is was ok to ask. Is this not a place for buddypress working with wordpress multisite questions?

    Didn’t really mean you couldn’t ask but that certain issues might prove awkward to clear up or fall slightly outside the purvue.

    Still the fact remains that we have little to work with here, that you say the BP adminbar works once you get the correct WP hook in place is good, however there is little that can be said for why the theme presents other problems with the footer.

    There are countless number of badly written themes for WP some of these may work with BP some may not, not all themes, good or bad, will necessarily work with BP or at least will take some work to bring up to the level BP needs.

    Rather than waste time trying it might be better to simply discard those that don’t work and only keep ones that do or at least have fewer issues.

    Thanks – I think you are right… we still have many themes to choose from and the themes that don’t work all seem to be from the same company.

    Thanks for your time.



    You have to make sure the “ call is in the theme’s footer.php.

    If it messes up your layout, try putting it at the very end before the closing “ tag.

    One would have assumed that was the case, partly due to the lack of information provided to us.

    I would still not waste the time fixing a theme that wasn’t following a general WP convention.

    Thanks r-a-y – THAT fixed it :-)

Viewing 8 replies - 1 through 8 (of 8 total)
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