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Not all user activity showing, even for friends

  • Hi there, I’ll do my best to explain this problem…

    I’ve set up a Buddypress site and am having a problem whereby certain users’ updates (new & old) are not appearing in the activity stream. For instance if a friend of mine joins a group, this doesn’t appear in either my notifications or on their profile if I click into it… I’m only getting their comment updates or when they joined my website. Am I missing a certain setting, or is it the new members’ setting that is not right? To clarify, I have set up 3 x separate accounts (both as admins, members, subscribers etc) and other people can see everything in terms of updates/activity stream in my account, and they can see the group updates etc. in their own accounts under ‘activity’… but I cannot. (e.g. when I join a group, comment etc.). Any ideas why other members’ updates are not showing up to me? Many Thanks for your help

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Viewing 1 replies (of 1 total)
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