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Not all widgets shows on front page

  • risbrix



    I have the hueman theme and because of some issues…I had to delete the theme and install+activate it again.
    But since I did that not all widgets on the sidebar will show. Only groups, but friends etc. won’t. I had no issues before.

    When I click on a user’s profile then the friends and groups will be there. So it’s only the front page there’s the problem. I haven’t touched the theme in anyway, except customizing it.
    All widgets is made by buddypress.

    I guess it isn’t that much of a issue, but still…I would like to make it possible for my members to see their friends, without going to their profile.

    Do someone know what might can be the problem?


    Wordpress: 4.5.2

    Buddypress: 2.5.2


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  • risbrix


    Can no one help me? 🙂



    I have this issue too. I can’t believe that no one has responded to you in 4 months!??

    It’s clearly a buddypress issue too as it doesn’t work with the theme I am using nor does it work with the default wordpress theme and apparently while it used to work with your theme, after a reinstall, not anymore.

    So it’s definitely a buddypress issue but no one responds in 4 months?? How on earth are we to get what we need working if the response time is more then 4 months??

    Feeling concerned that buddypress was the wrong choice. This is my first issue and it’s a bad first experience! Unfortunately I put 2 months into building this site and I can’t go back now so it looks like I’m going to have broken pieces and likely have to dump buddypress and maybe even wordpress all together and build a custom PHP site asap, unless someone gets back to yoUs soon.

    I hope they do cause I’ve been having fun w/ WP and BP but functionality clearly comes before fun…

Viewing 2 replies - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)
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