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Not exactly "a few easy clicks"

  • ngoegan


    Wordpress 3.5, bbPress 2.2.3

    I have a ning I want to stop paying for so I took your word for it and got a WP site, installed buddypress and bbPress and went through the installation instructions from the codex page and setup a header and added some groups etc.

    Right off the bat I’m having big problems that would cause the whole thing to be unusable. I’ve spent hours reading lengthy threads and tracs and everything else that seems to be telling me there are no solutions to the very basic functioning issues I’m having. How can anyone use this software with these problems? I’m not the only one, there are many people I saw posting in this forum with the same unsolved issues. I’m at a loss.

    So, this is my last hope – I really want it to work. I love the way it looks, the way it could function if it was working – I can envision it in all its glory – I just. can’t. get. it. to. work! Maybe someone here can help me work these things out. I am not a coding person so I need very clear instructions, thank you.

    The site:

    The issues:

    1. Posting a comment on anything in the activity feed sends the user to a 404 page not found error.

    2. “Private” groups activity shows up in the main site activity feed – OOPS!

    3. I can’t find a registration page so new people can’t register.


    Any help would be most greatly appreciated.

    Thank you,

    Naomi (who really does not want to pay $25/mo to ning anymore!)


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  • ngoegan


    Thank you, I’ll try that. Another question: I have a member who shows up in the user list when I go to my Dashboard > Users. But when I go to the member section of the site they are not there. I tried re-setting her role and then setting it back in the User area but that didn’t do it. Not sure what to do. Maybe delete and have her re-register? Concerned it will happen again without my knowledge when I open for many memberships.

    Another issue I’m having is that I installed Private Buddypress, which I know you said I shouldn’t since it isn’t compatible, but I can’t use BuddyPress if it isn’t private so I need the privacy. But every morning I check and there are several new members who somehow managed to register themselves as members when I have it set to need my approval. How can I avoid this? I just delete them, but when I have a lot of members, I won’t be able to manage that and pick them out so easily.




    I realized that even though they are showing up as members in my user panel, they aren’t showing as members on the site – because I never approved them. So I think my friend who is not showing up as a member probably never came back and logged in so she’s in limbo – showing up as a member who registered, but until she comes back and tries to login, Private Buddypress doesn’t send the email to me to do the final approval that makes her a member on the site itself.



    @ngoegan What private community plugin did you use? I’ve been trying to create a private BuddyPress community and the plugin I’m aware of is old. I’d love to know if it still works so I can avoid using a funny collection of other hacks I’ve read about.

Viewing 3 replies - 26 through 28 (of 28 total)
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