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Notes on members for higher levels to see

  • Can someone create a plugin that will allow the next level up admin to see the notes on members that are below them? Let me know if this doesn’t make sense. What we need is for admins to be able to see the notes that they will put on the members profile which wouldn’t be seen by the others members. This would help the different admins to be able to put notes such as “I need to talk to this member about……”. The member nor any other members would know that they need to be spoken with, but the admin would have the notes handy for when they logged in. We also need multiple admins to be in control of a group and then the members of that group would be where the notes would be places.

    In summary:
    1. Group admins would be able to place notes on members that wouldn’t be seen by the members

    2. Group admins would have a list of the last note that was placed of each member per group that the admin was an admin of when then login

    3. There needs to be a way to control the admin hierarchy that can be controled from the wp admin section only available to the administrator of the wp-admin backend.

    Let me know if this can be done. It is for a not for profit group, so please keep that in mind. We are willing to pay.

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