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Notification to all members for each new topic

  • RuggedMoose


    New to BuddyPress, and hopefully this will be a simple question to answer. I tried searching, but not sure exactly what I’m searching for..

    My client for this build is a church. They are requesting a prayer forum and would like each new topic – prayer request (created by either a new or existing member) too trigger an email notification to all existing members.

    I’m assuming there will be a notification, and approval needed from the forum admin for the new topic, but after approval they’d like the post (new forum topic) to trigger an email notification to be send out to all existing members who hove opted in to receive these notifications.

    Is this possible?

    Thanks so much!

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  • RuggedMoose


    So, it’s then safe to assume that no one has any idea on whether it is possible to send a notification to all members for each new topic?




    Paul Gibbs, I didn’t duplicate, I reworded, and posted under the “Installation” section since there has been no replies to my initial request for help. Thought maybe I had posted in the wrong section.

    And instead of a slap on the wrist response, and closing of my topic, perhaps a simple answer to my question would have been a better response from a “Moderator”…

    Great help and support here on the “Support” forum.. Instills a lot of confidence rolling this out for a client…

    I understand, but that still sounds like we’re arguing over semantics. Please don’t mistake my brevity as rudeness. Creating a new topic doesn’t necessarily mean that you’ll get a response quicker. Closing similar topics posted by the same person and directing people to one topic helps people find answers in future, especially if they come into the site through a search engine; this happens fairly regularly here.

    Since I’ve spent a bunch of time writing this much text: yes, your request sounds possible. Not out of the box, but I’m sure it’s achievable with some custom code (I’ve not seen any plugins that do this).

    I don’t know if bbPress — the plugin which powers forums — has a “pending moderation” status for new topics. The folk over at the support forums might be able to clarify. Lastly, as bbPress is built on post types, it is definitely possible to trigger things to happen when a topic or a reply is made. You’d have to grab a list of users, and then send an email.

Viewing 3 replies - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)
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