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Notifications Component – Updating custom themes

  • In the 1.9 release BuddyPress added a new component ‘Notifications’ that appears on user account screens.

    For most users this new component will appear and fit in to your themes styles without any problem however there are circumstances where a theme may be handling BP templates in a particular fashion.

    Custom themes that copied over (overloaded ) the bp-default template files to their parent theme root will be missing the actual template files and correct locate template call in /member/single/home.php and thus will not display the screens correctly; to fix this follow the steps outlined next.

    In your copy of member/single/home.php locate the section that reads:

    // If nothing sticks, load a generic template
    else :

    Directly before the line ‘// If nothing sti…’

    Add this:

    elseif ( bp_is_user_notifications() ) :
    bp_get_template_part( 'members/single/notifications' );

    Next from a copy of BP 1.9.1 open up the bp-default folder and in the members/single/ directory copy the folder /notifications/ and paste to your members/single/ directory in your theme along with a copy of notifications.php single file that you’ll find in the members single directory copied to the same place in your themes directory.
    You now have all the template files now and should have a working layout for these new screens with only perhaps a little styling required to fully fit in with your theme.

    The notification templates were originally omitted from bp-default due to the theme being retired – although still available to those who want to continue using it – they were subsequently added in to 1.9.1 so you’ll need the latest BP version to get copies of the templates.

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