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Notifications Dilemma

  • selym


    I have a strange scenario that I’m not sure how to tackle. I created hundreds of users that represent certain fictional characters. I used fake emails (character-name@my-domain) during each user set up.

    The first problem is whenever I made changes to these accounts, it would naturally generate a lot of bounce back emails since the email addresses don’t actually exist. I can set all notifications to “no” in their profiles, but then I’m never notified when real members friend request or message these characters.

    I don’t want to set up a catch-all email as it would just become a honey pot for spammers. I asked my web host if it’s possible to have a white-listed type catch-all for only email addresses I specify, but unfortunately that isn’t possible from them.

    Anyone have any other ideas? Or know of plugins that might enable an admin to view all notification activity for certain users?

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