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Number of members on your Buddypress installation?

  • Magi182


    Hey all, I’m interested in implementing buddypress for a health and wellness community. Does anyone have experience running a Buddypress installation 20,000+ user accounts? I have done several buddypress installs, but most have been for user groups that are < 2,000 members. Folks who administrate larger communities, what kinds of numbers do these larger buddypress communities support? Thanks for any feedback!

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  • This site has 66,085 members currently. At my day job, I work on which has 93,544 members currently.



    Thanks Paul! Been out for the holidays. I appreciate your response! Lovely site, BTW. Did you have to do some tweaking to the database/BP/etc or are you basically running an out-of-the-box core installation? Looks like you’re using Groups, Extended Profiles, Friends and Activity Streams?

    Any suggestions, caveats for someone beginning this process for a larger community?

Viewing 2 replies - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)
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