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oDesk Group for Buddypress developers

  • Seobrien


    Can anyone green light my starting a group on oDesk to find and organize developers? I’m not sure how to throw in my support for buddypress, as I’m not a developer, other than marketing and suggestions so I’d like to offer to set up and manage such a group.

    Why? I’m having a heck of a time finding available developers experienced with not WordPress but WPMU and Buddypress. There are thousands of developers there and while few are currently familiar with Buddypress, fostering a group would not only create developer awareness of BP but aggregate available resources for those of us in need.

    Groups are managed and found here:

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  • jamesyeah


    This is a great idea, I use oDesk quite a bit and havnt been able to find any Buddypress developers on there so far, I’m not sure how you go about setting up a group.

    I’d like to get a page up for BuddyPress consultants. Perhaps I will start a thread and see if we can get at least a few people posting in there who offer BuddyPress consultancy work. That way there’s at least a list that can be used for the page once it’s up.

    I have no idea what odesk is, but I’m planning to attempt to become a BuddyPress “consultant” in the New Year. Count me in.

    i’m already a BP consultant, if that can give a hint.. lol

Viewing 4 replies - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)
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