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Off domain images

  • Martyn_


    Hi all,

    I\’m fairly new to this so please forgive any stupidity. I have a site based on bp and bbp. The site is entirely under SSL (the entire site, not via a plugin for components), so all urls are
    I am looking to move some content out of SSL – particularly fixed graphical elements – there are only a handful, so I thought a manual db tweak would suffice. I created a second domain ( with a vhost on port 80. I copied the bp_columns header image into the vhost and did a strings replace in the DB to point this image at the new location; ->
    It didn’t work, the emitted html references (ie the domain/path is right but not the protocol). I can\’t see anything in the httpd configuration that would rewrite the outbound url string to https, so I am wondering if something in wp/bp is doing this quietly?

    Input on any other approaches to mixing content between two domains in this way – more than welcome.

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  • *Which* images are you looking to move?



    A selection. The main header, a few static items in sidebar widgets, the background, in the future, possibly banner adverts. An approximate rule might be “not user upladed” but it wouldn’t be a hard and fast rule! We are probably looking ultimately at a couple of dozen large jpgs that put a bit of an unneeded load on the server and pageload performance.

    If the images are hardcoded in your theme, you should be able to adjust the paths. I was wondering if you were asking about uploaded content in the media library.

Viewing 3 replies - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)
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