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Okay in my friends list i try to click on link of name, redirects to front page

  • Timothy


    I have rc1 installed and running with all extensions, when i have friends thier link in thier name is the nickname or its thier username but buddy press is leaving the space in thier name so it just redirects back to front page, some of my friends work and some do not work, how do i fix this issue with buddy press not linking correctly to view friends profile????

    I need buddy press to take thier space out in username, all the ones who signed up with a space in thier username work fine, but the ones who put thier name in one complete line then changed it in back end under nickname do not work, some do and some dont???

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  • Aron Jay


    might be a conflict with other plugins, not sure but could you please list ’em here.

    Everything under mu-plugins and plugins. just to sort things out.



    Could you give us a link? BP fails if the login name has spaces

    Tim Nicholson


    Sorry to tack on to an old post, but this is EXACTLY the issue I’m having as well. AFAICT, BP is NOT building the member profile link using the login name. Its using the display name, which often times has spaces in it. In fact, since I’m using a Facebook Connect plugin, the display name ALWAYS has a space in it. I’ve modified that plugin to replace spaces with dashes in the user nicename, hoping BP would use that, but it doesn’t.

    Is there an easy way to get BP to use the nicename for the member profile URL? I’m thinking maybe a filter that can be added to bp-custom or the theme functions file, but I’m not sure if a filter exists and not sure if altering the link would mess up the “permalinks” (mod_rewrite).

Viewing 3 replies - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)
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