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on plugin activation wpmu breaks

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    Hi All,

    Brand new to wpmu 2.8.1 and buddypress. I’ve tried to install the buddypress plugin both through the WPMU admin and manually uploading it.

    Afterwards, I choose to activate the plugin and BAM! I get hit with the old “page cannot be displayed – click here to diagnos connections”.. which I found quite interesting.

    When I attempt to go back to the Admin or Home page of WPML It simply displays a blank page with little or no source.

    I renamed the “buddypress” directory in the plugins folder to something bogus and everything in WPML resumes to work again.

    So.. What am I missing? Any help appreciated. Thanks!

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    From what I’m seeing in other posts, 2.8.1 isn’t quite compatible with BP yet. Keep an eye on this topic for updates.

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    That what I assumed… so i just went ahead and go 2.7.1 and same exact issue!?

    I believe I have all the requirements as WordPress works just fine…

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    John James Jacoby


    If you’re using 2.7.1 and still getting white screens then it’s a php version issue or a memory issue. Both have been addressed here previously so a quick search should help you out there.

    Welcome to the BP community! :)

Viewing 3 replies - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)
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