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One CPT in Activity only to be seen by Friends

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    I have scoured the codex and done hundreds of internet searches but cannot find a solution (or one that I completely can either understand or implement), which makes me thing that maybe what I want is not possible, so I will explain more fully what I want first. I have a custom post type that is not published in a standard way by users; it is generated and published automatically by them either clicking, or click and holding one button, and the content and title is generated based on how the button was pressed and by which user, at what time and day, and at what location. I want this CPT to be shown in both the main Activity stream and on the member’s profile activity stream, but only to be visible to their friends, while all their other activity I want to be visible to everybody. Is this possible, and if so, how can it be achieved? I have tried various plugins but none give the granular control I require, so I think there must be a self coded solution possible, but I just can’t figure out where to begin with that – everything I have tried doesn’t work. I should add that I have also been unable to make any template changes – it seems as though my theme (Blocksy child theme) or the Nouveau theme, or both combined don’t play well with this, so anything involving changing core BP templates is out of the picture.
    Anyone that can either provide some example code that can assist me, or a resource other than the codex, or a very specific link to where in the codex and how to use it in my scenario, along with if I should be putting code in bp-custom or child theme functions, I would be very grateful. I have successfully added the cpt and can get it displaying in the activity stream and profile activity, but I need to know how to adjust that to only show that individual activity to friends automatically. Is it possible? As it stands now I have it so that all activity is only shown to friends, and profile activity is the choice of the member (via a plugin) but it is not what I want.

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