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One lazy plugin

  • davidkooo


    Without buddypress and bbpress it takes 0,2 sec to generate site, with both plugin activated it takes over 1 second to generate… how is this even possible. How can be one plugin, which is barely active on my frontpage slow my page so much?

    1 sec is not bad compared to which takes 5 seconds to generate … but still it is one lazy plugin. Site is running on top notch server with no traffic and still is unresponsive as ….. php memory limit is set to 256mb, with 48mb admin was not working…

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  • There are many, many different things that could affect load time of your site. BP and BBP are large plugins, so they’re probably taxing some aspect of your server setup. Are you running your own server, or are you hosted with someone? If the latter, I’d suggest you start by getting in contact with their support and see if they are prepared to help you find where the slowness is.

Viewing 1 replies (of 1 total)
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