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One login, multiple profiles

  • Mat


    Hi, I’m wondering if it would be possible to set up BuddyPress so that you could make several different profiles and manage them under one login? For instance, let’s say that it was a network for petlovers, so that each pet owner would sign up and choose one login, but then would be able to add a new profile for each of their pets. So if they had a cat and a dog, each would have their own profile, and if another persona had a cat, they could “friend” their cat, but not necessarily their dog, and so forth.

    Basically, each profile would function as an individual, but controlled from the same login.

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  • Boone Gorges


    It looks like this could possibly be done. Technically speaking, each profile must correspond to a user account. But conceivably, you could build a piece of functionality that allows one user to edit another user’s profile. The key function is bp_is_my_profile(), which is checked when the profile edit screen is brought up. By default, bp_is_my_profile() only returns true if the profile belongs to the logged in account. But the output of the function is filtered. So you could do the following two things to work around the default limitation: (1) Create some sort of interface that allows other individual accounts to “own” (or be “authorized editors of”) other accounts’ profiles, probably storing that information in a piece of user metadata; (2) Filter the output of bp_is_my_profile to check against that user metadata and return true if the logged_user is an authorized editor of the displayed_user.



    Thanks for the answer. I’ve never actually done anything like this in WP, but I guess it’s a good excuse to learn. :)

    Hoodie Mark


    I need to do the exact same thing. @Matilde did you ever find an easy solution?



    Hey Mark
    Have you looked at the WordPress Plugin ‘Admin Login As Different User’??
    it may do this.

Viewing 4 replies - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)
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