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One member cannot post activity updates

  • Arp Laszlo


    We have a membership site, with two membership levels where the only difference is what content each membership level has access to. Permission-wise, the membership levels are identical.

    One member (and only one that we know of) *cannot* post any activity updates, either from from their profile (using the sitewide activity widget in the sidebar) or from /activity.

    When posing from the widget, the post appears but disappears upon refresh. When posting at /activity, the page reloads, a success message appears but the post is not there.

    When we go to wp-admin/admin.php?page=bp-activity, the posts are not there.

    Curiously, when posting using the widget, a photo can be attached which *is* uploaded to the media library. Besides that, this member cannot post activity updates.

    We’ve tried adjusting their role (they can post as an admin but not as as subscriber) and we don’t have any permission-editing plugins (like Role Scoper) installed. Ideas on troubleshooting this?

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