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One Members Posts Keep Disappearing

  • skunkyvibes


    Hey guys, got a weird issue that I hope somebody has experienced before.

    I operate a website called Fuzz FM, a small community based around music. One of my DJ’s posts a fair bit of content every day – 3-7 posts, and just over a week ago all of his previous posts disappeared. Just vanished off the face of the earth (and database). And it happened a second time earlier today… lame!

    We use the embedly plugin to make posting Bandcamp and Soundcloud and Spotify possible, but it’s the only thing I can think of that might be causing the problem.

    I can give you a full list of my plugins if need be, there are quite a few of them (a lot of them relating to buddypress, so one of them could be causing some conflicts for sure)

    Thanks in advance

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