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Online Members Widget max number

  • jalien


    With a few of the widgets (didn’t try them all) it seems impossible to change the number to more than 9. For example if I input 20 in “Maximum number of members to show:” then click Save, it revert to 2. This is on a completely clean install of 2.8.1 and bp 1.02 with no other plugins besides buddypress, and bp-home and bp-member in /theme

    Any ideas how to fix this? If I remember this 20 members worked in wpmu2.7.1 and bp1.02 (could be wrong there though).

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  • r-a-y


    Widgets are not 100% compatible in WPMU 2.8.1.

    The reason is WordPress widgets utilize a new API in 2.8+.

    A new release for BP will come soon to address this and a couple of other issues that have popped up since 2.8+.



    ahhhh thats the solution to my problem!

    I had the same with the welcome widget only saving one char.

    Is their a rough time frame for this?

    Jeff Sayre


    It is up to each widget (plugin) developer to determine whether or not their widgets are compatible with the new widget API. In theory, WPMU 2.8.1 should offer backwards compatibility with older widgets. But, it is not always the case.

    In term of BuddyPress’ widgets, I’m not sure when they will be updated. If we get sufficient number of reports of their improper functioning, then we will of course fix the issue. So, if you are having issues with the widgets that come with BP, please let us know. This post is a good example!

    In general, if you have a 3rd-party widget that is not working in 2.8.1, please contact the developer directly and ask when they plan to upgrade.

    Jeff Sayre


    Andy just tweeted that he is “Fixing up widgets for 2.8.1”

    So, the new widgets will be available in BP trunk soon!

Viewing 4 replies - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)
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