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Only admin avatar in blog #1

  • mmeida


    Since installed BP 1.2 (it runs over WPMU blog #11), all comments show the admin avatar at WPMU main blog (#1) public site. In control panel, no problem. If deactive BP, comments show each user avatar.

    WPMU versión: 2.9.1.

    Any idea?

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  • mlovelock


    I think I may have a similar problem to this:

    I’m seeing correct avatars in activity feeds and all BP content. However, in comments and also using Login With Ajax plugin, only seeing either the admin avatar or ‘mystery man’.

    Also, the Login with Ajax plugin says it’s trying to call an undefined function for bp_loggedinuser_avatar() – but obviously the BP aspects of my site are calling that function fine.

    My setup:

    WPMU 2.9.1

    BP 1.2

    Custom theme, ‘buddypressed’ using Andy’s Buddypress Template plugin.

    Anyone else seeing this? Or have any ideas how to fix it?

    @mmeida Please post a bug ticket for this explaining the issue and how to recreate it.



    @Andy Done!

    Hard Seat Sleeper


    I had the same problem – it has something to do with how you are calling the avatar. Check your function against the template default, you will see what you’re doing wrong.

Viewing 4 replies - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)
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