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  • hello everyone,
    i was looking for solutions to simply display a message in the groups/members/forums section saying that you need to be logged in to see these areas and i cam across a thread which is more than a year old. with WP3 and a lot of changes in buddypress, does anyone have a simple solution for achieving this? did anyone work on a ‘privacy’ plugin stemming from the early attempts to customise functions in the bp-custom.php?

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  • modemlooper


    thanks, this is quite useful to address the issue to block out everything. what i was after is a little more fine-grained. for example there are out there a few plugins which use wordpress roles to limit access to posts or even categories. can anyone suggest a way of using a buddypress group or a field from the extended profile to limit access to posts/pages (rather than activities like forum posts etc?

    i understand that if one is not member of a private group they cannot see the group activities in the stream, but how to make certain pages only accessible based on buddypress group membership?

    many thanks!

    Roger Coathup



    You could look at using functions like:

    groups_is_user_member( $user_id, $group_id )
    To test if the user is in a specific group, and only show the page if they are in the appropriate group. This is defined in bp-groups.php.

    To simply check whether the current user is a member (and logged in). This is defined in bp-core-templatetags.php

    There is also a group blogs plugin:

    I don’t know if this can be adapted to implement the private pages for your group members.

    Cheers, Roger

    Roger thanks for the useful suggestion.
    i think that getting into modifying the plugin is out of my league, but i can definitely look into how to use the function you suggested.

    i’m surpised that nobody has implemented this sort of things already!


Viewing 4 replies - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)
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