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orange/yellow symbols on blog posts only in IE

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    I’ve searched for this, and couldn’t find anything, although I’m not sure exactly what to call the little things. When looking at my blog postings in IE (any IE), I see little yellow or orange box to the bottom-left of each article, and it only shows up in IE.

    I’ve dug through all the IE-specific css files and could not find any reference to it. I took a screenshot so you could see it. Is there any way to remove this thing? I have 15 articles per page, and they all have the goofy little symbol there, and I don’t like it. Again, it does not show in any other browser.

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  • Burt Adsit


    haha. Sorry. I love your ‘What are these?’ giant red arrows. Those are ‘tag’ icons. If the post has tags associated with it that appears.


    Look in the css directory in the home theme. base.css file:

    .post span.tags {
    background: url(../images/tag_icon.gif) center left no-repeat;
    padding-left: 1.6em;
    float: left;

    lol. Thank you for providing the exact info, with fancy diagrams, that was needed to answer your question. If they are showing up without any tags actually associated with each post then I’d say it’s a bug in the IE css. Or a bug in IE that prevents it from operating like every other browser on the planet. I think we politely call them ‘quirks’.


    Thanks so much, Burt.

    Yeah, not sure why it’s doing it. Every post on the home page has it by it (and I’m not using tags), but the permalink pages don’t have it. And again, only in IE. Weird. I’ll probably remove it or change the size to 0.

    And glad you liked the exact detail, I try to be as helpful as possible.

Viewing 2 replies - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)
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