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Organising content for recurring events / activities

  • Philipp


    Hi, Hallo, Marhaba and Schalom!

    I’m a german volonteer and I live in israel at the moment. Here I do a volonteer year:

    I work at a school.

    For me and all the other 200 Volonteers worldwide I made a buddypress website. Thats the way we stay in contact and everyone has the opportunity to write his own blog. I’m a big fan of buddypress and would like to continue with my work.

    Now, why I’m writing:

    The next 200 volonteers will go abroad in march and work in social projects. After them, in Septemember, there are 200 new volonteers again.

    The visitors and the volonteer are going to loose the overview on the website, if all these people are in the same buddypress installation. Thats why I would like to seperate these groups. But I wouldn’t like to build every half year a new buddypress site. Thats why I hope, that somone has a great Idea, what to do…

    Thanks a lot an excuse me for the terrible english!


    The Website:

    MINUS = –

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  • Hi Philipp

    Don’t worry, your English is very good.

    To answer your question, I think you need to think about what content there will be on your site.

    Will the volunteer placements remain the same each half-year? i.e. a school and (for example) at a charity.

    If this is the case, you probably want to keep the structure of the site very similar so people can read and learn from what previous volunteers have experienced. You could automatically ‘tag’ data in each half-year period; this would let you find and sort the data appropriately.

    If volunteer placements can be anywhere and different in each half-year period, then you might want to use Groups as a form of category – i.e. rather than having groups for Example School 1 and Example School 2, use just one group – ‘School’. Again, you could let users tag data with their specific placements.

    EDIT: I’ve also re-titled this thread to make it a bit clearer as to the type of questions you are asking :)



    Hi and thanks for the Answer!

    The volonteers are working in different cultural institutions. E.g. schools, Goethe Institut, german broadcasting, museums,…

    I search for a way, that it is possible to seperate e.g. the users. So for every new generation of volonteers a own Group of volonteers. But it shouldn’t be a normal group of buddypress.

    It’s a good idear with the tags. But there are volonteers who go abroad for 6 months and others for 12 months. So these who are abroad for 12 months are going to get mixed with those who start half a year later.

    I need a way to seperate every half year the users into Groups like “Went abroad in Sep 2009” / “Went Abroad in March 2010”,…

    Sure, it would be nice if everyone could stay in contact to each other. So if the new have questions they can ask.

    Hmmmm… I siply don’t have an idear what to do. :)

    Thanks a lot of following answers!





    It’s me again. After many hours thinking how to handle my problem I have an idear which could help.

    But for this I also need your help and your opinion… ;)

    I would like to add two profile fields which the user has to answer at the registration:

    1.) In which Month do you go abroad? “March 2010”, “September 2010”,…

    2.) How long are you going to stay abroad? “6 months” or “12 months”

    After that I would need a Widget or Plugin, that the Visitors can search for people who are abroad at the moment or search for those, who left in “March 2010”,…

    Do you think, that this could be possible?

    Now I added these profile fields into buddypress. But there are more than 200 members at the moment. Do I have to go to every profile to change the answer in “September 2009” or is it possible to do it automaticly? E.g. with phpmyadmin? It is saved in the table “wp_bp_xprofile_data” with the field_ID “266”. And I know, that every user how is registred yet went abroad in September 2009.

    The next point ist the question, weather there is a plugin that searches for deathly users who didn’t login or didn’t write a post e.g. 6 months. So I could delete them.

    So. Thats my long, long plan. But if you have a better Idear – Please let me know. Or if not, PLEASE help me how to realize this!

    Thanks so much and many greatings from Jerusalem!


Viewing 3 replies - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)
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