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Organizations for Buddypress profiles

  • redponey


    I’m new to Buddypress and working on setting on an online community. I’m looking to add some simple “organization” functionality so that people who sign up can be members of an org/company. I know this is more a CRM-style feature than a community-style feature, but it’s what I need. Don’t need much fancy to begin with, but do need the organizations to be more than just an organization field on the user profile, and integrating with a separate CRM won’t do the trick as I need the functionality within the community and to have the users see the orgs other users belong to.

    Using the “groups” functionality isn’t idea because I’m using groups for other purposes and I don’t really need all of that functionality for the orgs.

    I’m wondering if others have done this and if so what approach they have used. It seems to me some options include:
    1) Implement a custom “organization” concept either with custom coding.
    2) Try to combine Buddyboss with a CRM plugin, but if so, which one will play nicely?
    3) Utilize the groups even though this is not idea.
    4) Some other option I’m not considering?

    I have searched for examples of this and haven’t found anything yet, but if I’m missing something obvious please point me in the right direction.

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  • shanebp


    1) Implement a custom “organization” concept either with custom coding.

    That is the best approach. Use the BP_Component class and write your own component. Look at how BP does that to create components like groups and follow the same approach with modifications as needed. You will need good skills as a WP / BP developer.



    Thanks @shanebp, that’s very helpful.

Viewing 2 replies - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)
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