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Organizing Forums Using BP and bbPress Together

  • ldjautobody


    After using the codex info from both BuddyPress and bbPress, I want to make sure that our “Forum Rules and Policies” stay in front of ALL OTHER activities. In other words, when a user click on either the “Forums” page OR the “Groups” page, I would want the RULES & POLICIES to be the first thing they see before doing any posting. I think I made an error when putting up the “Group Forums” page as I did NOT use 100 as the order…when I originally started building the site, I thought I would want the Group Forums to be the place where everyone should be directed, however, since then we made the decision to allow common Forums to the site in addition to the individual Group Forums.

    Now, the group forum I created is showing up in front of the Rules and Policies and I need to know how to make it a “super sticky” post that shows up first all the time. Anyone have any suggestions?

    I am using the latest versions of everything and you can view the site at Thanks everyone and hope everybody had a great Father’s Day! 🙂


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