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Overriding forum action permissions

  • Hello,

    In our BP setup we need to be able to give topic creators the ability to close/open topics that they started. The way BP comes, only someone who is a group moderator or group admin is able to close and open a topic.

    It’s easy enough to create a new template tag based on `bp_the_topic_admin_links()` to cause the “Close Topic” admin link to appear under the desired circumstances, but that’s just the first step. Clicking it doesn’t actually work, because `groups_screen_group_forum()` does its own hard-coded permissions check before clicking “Close Topic” actually has any effect.

    Does anyone have any thoughts as to how the built-in permission check on closing a topic can be overridden in a plugin or theme?

    It would be easy enough to make it more restrictive, but I think to make it less restrictive it would require modifying BP core, which I’d really rather not do.

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  • No worries – we decided not to take this route after all. Instead we’ll add a new function “Request to close topic”, which will message the group admin/moderator, who does have the power to accomplish this.

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