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P and BR tags not working in text/welcome widget

  • dwpers


    I’ve noticed no matter what I do, paragraph and br tags do not work. I’m assuming this has something to do with the div class assigned to widget text?

    I’ve tried using the Welcome and text/html widgets and get the same problem. I’ve also tried using auto-add paragraphs with the text/html widget and it does absolutely nothing.

    You can view it here:

    It’s very annoying. My site is going to be launching this week and would like to iron out some of these cosmetic defects.

    As always, any help would be much appreciated. Thanks :)

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  • IIRC, this widget only supports plaintext.



    Why does it say Text/HTML on the widget description then :-?

    I was referring to the Welcome widget which I thought comes with BuddyPress.



    Oh ok. Do you know why the text/html widget that also comes with wordpress does NOT work as intended? It won’t even include the automatic p tags when enabled.

    Thanks DJPaul

    I’m running WPMU 2.8.4a and BP 1.03.



    You’ve probably already tried removing and re-adding the Text widget, right?

    The default text widget should always work… but you should check out the WordPress forums to see if anyone has a similar problem, since it’s more of a WP issue than a BP thing.

    Do any other tags work besides P and BR in the Text widget?

    One other thing to note is if you have any filtering plugins activated, that could affect the widget output, but it’s highly unlikely.



    Yup, I’m using the Text (Arbitrary text and html) widget. No tags have worked with it.

    I only have 4 plug-ins running at the moment.

    – BP itself

    – Welcome Pack (thanks DJPaul :D )

    – BP PictureAlbum

    – BP Signup TOS

    You’re more than welcome to poke about my site if that helps to troubleshoot :)

Viewing 6 replies - 1 through 6 (of 6 total)
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