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Page Hiearchy Fail

  • picassodigitalo


    The pages created by Buddypress work fine, but when I give them a parent then the page links to a 404 Page. I even tried to use the “Page Links To” plugin to link to the direct URL that works when navigated to by an root page created by Buddypress and that didn’t work either (which makes no sense). I tried creating a new page from within the Buddpress settings and choosing the parented page from within the Buddypress settings but it refused to work. The only way I can see any of the Buddypress content is if I leave the buttons created by Buddypress unparented (root). Thanks

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  • r-a-y


    If you change any page settings in WordPress, make sure the page configuration under “BuddyPress > Pages” matches your changes.

    On my test install, I have a parent page called “Community” and then for my members and groups pages I set my parent to “Community”. Next, I navigated to “BuddyPress > Pages” to double-check that BP picked up the changes.

    So now, my members page resides at and my groups page resides at

    Is this what you mean? If not, please elaborate.

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