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Page level privileges

  • I wish to be able to assign specific subscribers write privileges to specific pages in my CMS WP/BP website. I tried Role Scoper, but it crashed my website. I presently have the following plug-ins installed:
    BP Group Management
    BP Profile Search
    BP Group Email Subscription
    BP Profile Privacy Mod EW
    BP Registration Groups
    BP Restrict Group Creation

    Will one of these, or some other BP plug-in provide assignment of privileges by pages?



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  • pcwriter



    What you’ve described (create and assign custom capabilities per subscription type/level) is one of the basic features of a very powerful plugin called s2member. It can seem overwhelming at first (it’s huge!), but once you start playing with it and experimenting, you’ll see just how flexible it can be.

    Hope this helps! :-)

    Yes, it does help, pcwriter, thanks. I already have S2Member installed and activated – I use it for overall privilege control, but it still uses only the WordPress basic priv levels – subscriber, contributor, author (which in my WP, does nothing), editor and admin. What I need is more granularity – to be able, for example, to allow a single subscriber or contributor member to access two specific pages for write, and read the rest. Role Scoper says it does this, but Role Scoper crashes my website. Can you tell me how to use S2Member (a very fine plugin!) to add more privs by page capability to my website?




    The easiest way to set this up with s2member would be to go to the user’s profile in your WP backend and assign that member the “Role” of “s2member Level 4”. Then go to edit the page you want to restrict access to and, in the “s2member” section at top-right, select “Require Level #4” at “Page Level Restriction?”. I haven’t tried this myself, but it should work to restrict access to that page to only those members who have a Level 4 membership (whether paid or not, doesn’t matter).

    For even more granular control, see the following 2 sections under “s2member” > “API/Scripting”:
    “Using Advanced Conditionals” & “Custom Capabilities”.

    If you need more help with this plugin, the best place to go is their support forum:

    Have fun! :-)

    Hi pcwriter:

    Actually, I want to do the reverse of what you outlined – I want to allow a S2Member #1 (contributor) member to have the expected read-only access to the entire website, EXCEPT I want that same member to also have edit capability on two pages of the website only. In other words, I don’t wish to restrict this member from any pages, but instead I wish to grant that member edit access to two pages he would ordinarily would only be able to read, as well as read access to the rest of the website.

    I appreciate your help. I’ll also query the primothemes forum, thanks.

    You call this fun??? ;^))


Viewing 4 replies - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)
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