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pages do not appear in activity

  • bebopcool


    wpmu 2.7

    bdpress combo

    bbpress : alpha 04

    I do not know if it is standard or due to a bug so i did no create a ticket for this.

    On my different bdpress installs, the pages

    At the begining no problem with that, but some users on one platform are creating websites using wordpress as cms more than blog and so using pages.

    and they feel a bit disapointed that their work do not appear in activity.

    where somethings not so important as MR 1 and Mr 2 are friends are presented there.

    the great feature would be to be able to choose what is shown in activity.

    But for pages ? is it coded that way in buddypress ? or is it a bug ? a problem only on my installs ?

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