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pages not found after server migration

  • shaisimchi



    I did the following to migrate to a new server.
    assuming my url is
    1) i copied my entire directory (in my case under public_html) to the new server.
    2) i created a new db on the new server and restored it from the old one (same username and password so wp-config.php does not need to change).
    3) after 1&2 were completed i made the dns changes to point to my new server.
    changes took affect after some time but since then my main tabs such as groups, members, event etc are not available. when i click on them i get the message that the url is not available on the server.

    I was under the impression that since i copied the folder and DB is a restore everything should work fine.
    I am able to access the admin and my home page but pretty much nothing else.
    have i missed a step here?
    help is appreciated.



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Viewing 12 replies - 1 through 12 (of 12 total)
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