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Pagination of friends on invite list?

  • lautering


    Just a note and a question on how the invite list works for a group. When you’re creating a group, the last step before you finish is to invite your friends. On the invite page there, and on the normal group invite page (/groups/group_name/send-invites/), the new 1.2 default template has a div which contains the names of your friends (div#invite-list).

    The height of the template is defined at 400px, which is fine and totally editable if it’s too big (I thought the “invite” or “finish” button was getting lost below it, but that’s not relevant here). But I realized that after I cut it down, my list of friends was longer than the div, and so the invite list was just cropped at 400px (or less, in my case).

    Any thoughts on how to paginate your list of friends on the invite page? Or is there a better approach to all of this — maybe something like the autosuggest “to” box when you’re creating a message (but, to be honest, I like the visual look-and-click of the invite functionality more than the autosuggest for messages). Even at 400px high, a lot of users — the kind that create groups or invite their friends to groups — will only see the first X many based on the alphabet, and I’m wondering if anyone has any creative thoughts on how to fix it.

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