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  • philmay


    I am looking for a way to create Patreon-like features within buddypress

    i.e. give members a way to protect content on a specific tab, or group they admin to only allow paid subscribers to view.
    for the purpose of this example I will use 2 made up roles “reg-user” and “prem-user”. both are buddypress member types.

    “prem-user” should be able to have protected content, ether a tab or a group, that is locked and can not be viewed by other members without a subscription to “prem-user”‘s profile.

    “reg-user” browses the member directory, chooses a “prem-user” member and enjoys the content that the “prem-user”member provides for free. “Reg-user” wants to view “prem-user”s paid content, and so purchases a subscription to “prem-users” premium tab or group. “Prem-user” gets a % of the subscription fee, recurringly until “reg-user” cancels subscription or payment is declined.

    “reg-user” should only have access to the paid content he subscribed to, and can subscribe to as many “prem-users” as they want to, by paying for a new monthly subscription for each “prem-user”

    It looks like this can be done with MyCred BP Charges plugin, but I do not want to use mycred I would prefer to stick to dollar values w/o gamification.

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Viewing 3 replies - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)
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