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Paid membership site – signup & activation after payment – how to??

  • I built a site for a group that requires members to pay -it a discount card scheme.
    So far it works like this. –

    1. They register as normal
    2. I’ve disabled the registration email / activation email with the ‘BP Disable Activation’ plugin ( – I’ve also hacked the plugin to not auto login the new user (well – will try to in 5mins)
    3. I use the ‘Confirm User Registration’ plugin to stop the user from logging in until they have come to the office and paid / collected membership card.
    4. When they have paid the admin activates the account and they receive a confirmation email courtesy of above plugin.

    Seems to work ok.. (If i cani disable auto login) but is there a more elegant solution??
    Suggestions appreciated.

    many thanks!

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