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Paid Memberships and OpenID: How can I charge members while still allowing log-in/register via Faceb

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    Hello all,

    I am a new WP/BP convert (and total newb), coming from a terrible member management CMS (MemberClicks) and abortive attempts at Ning (too simple) and Drupal (too complicated).

    I hope to one day be a productive member of the community but for now am a no-good moocher, so please help me out.

    I am creating this website for a non-profit organization that derives some of its operating revenue from paid members. As a result, I want to charge for membership (while still having some ‘public’ pages), but I would LOVE to have people fill in forms/data through logging in with FB/Twitter/OpenID/etc

    I envision people clicking on a ‘FB’ button, logging in with FB, and (if they’re a new user) seeing a Registration page fully filled out with info (name, email, etc) from their FB profiles and a link to PayPal to pay. People could from then on login with their FB instead of remembering yet another username/password (an option which I’d like to still offer for those who prefer not to login via system-wide IDs)

    I know Jainrain/RPX offers login via tons of different providers, but doesn’t (as far as I know) allow for paid memberships… Are there any plugins/widgets out there that do?

    While I’m at it.. a few side questions:

    1) Whats the best plug-in to use for charging members, even if it has no Facebook Connect? There are so many it gives me a headache
    2) Whats the best Plug-In that I could use to enable video-chatting (or text chatting for that matter) between members?

    Other cool plugins you think are ESSENTIAL for a membership site? Tips? Tricks? Please share…

    I will try and put together a ‘walk through’ of my own experiences and post it online, and I will credit everyone that helps me :) Applying some flame-retardant: I did quite a bit of research before coming here, but just couldn’t find the right solution..

    Thanks a million,

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Viewing 3 replies - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)
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